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Pick out the perfect gift card for everyone on your list. Give a Windows Phone Store Gift Card for apps, games, movies, music, and TV for Windows devices. 

How to redeem an Windows Phone Store Gift Card (TW) ?

Redeem this card to your TW Microsoft account. Simply login to your account and enter the 25-digit card number. To create a new account, visit You must be 13+. The full card value will be applied to your Microsoft account and may be used for eligible purchases (exclusions apply) made directly at select Xbox and Microsoft online stores. Geography limitations and balance restrictions apply. Eligible purchases and prices may vary by region, device, and over time. 

- You can’t use the Windows Gift Card to purchase an Xbox Live Gold subscription or other subscription service directly.
- You can’t use the Windows Gift Card to purchase content from the Xbox 360 Marketplace, or Xbox 360 content on the Xbox One.
- When you purchase a Windows Gift Card, make sure that the currency you use matches the currency associated with the recipient’s billing account. Otherwise, the recipient will be unable to redeem the Gift Card.
- If you redeem a Windows Gift Card in a country that doesn’t match the country associated with your billing account, you won’t be able to use those funds. The funds in your Microsoft account can’t be transferred after you redeem your Windows Gift Card.
- You can’t use funds in your Microsoft account to purchase physical goods from online stores.