e-Gift Card USD $500

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Gift Cards are electronic and will be emailed.

The balance on a Gift Card can be used for the payment of multiple bookings.

Redeeming Gift Cards

Gift cards can be used when making bookings of services which meet the conditions and which are prepaid to online. To pay, enter your gift card number and password on the payment page.

Validity Period

Once purchased, gift cards are valid for 3 years.


Once purchased, e-gift cards cannot be refunded. In the event of cancellation of a travel product or service booking that has been purchased using a Gift Card, the refund rules applicable to that booking shall apply and any refund of any amount paid via the Gift Card shall be refunded to the Gift Card. If the total cost of the travel product or service booking was higher than the value of the Gift Card, the additional cost shall be refunded back to the original payment method, unless we agree otherwise. If the booking was paid for with multiple Gift Cards, the total amount paid via Gift Cards will be refunded to the Gift Card with the longest validity period, unless agreed otherwise.


This amount can be converted and paid for using other currencies.

Receipts. When a Gift Card is used to pay for products or services priced in a different currency to the currency the Gift Card is denominated in, the amount deducted from the payment for the products/services shall be determined by a currency conversion conducted with the then applicable exchange rate. This will be displayed to the Card Holder before the deduction is applied. By proceeding with the transaction, the Card Holder is deemed to have accepted the exchange rate. Any loss or gain arising from a change in the exchange rate applicable at the time the Gift Card was purchased and the time the Gift Card is used shall be borne or enjoyed by the Card Purchaser/Card Holder and shall not bear any liability. The provider of the account used to make payment may charge fees; the Card Purchaser is responsible for confirming and paying such fees and accepts no liability thereof.

This card is electronic and is delivered via email 48-72 hours after redemption;