About Rewards6

Showing appreciation is an important part of recognition, and why we choose to reward customers and employees.  A critical part of it means you need to create a unique experience or unforgettable moment that reflects the achievement and loyalty your people deserve.
Rewards6.com provides exciting merchandise reward catalogues and fulfill rewards in over many countries. Our process is seamless, combining inventory control and product management with our competitive awards database and an extensive global network of redemption centers. The result is a prompt delivery process that operates worldwide and is backed by our team of customer service specialists, who track redeemed items from the supplier right to your participant’s front door.
Our goal is to add value to your effort to recognize the target audience. We carefully select products to suit the taste of your customers profiles, likings and spending capabilities so they find the experience, pleasant, enjoyable and relevant.
Uncover the power of Rewards6 Catalogs can bring to you
  • Thousands of rewards items at your participants fingers tips, updated in real time
  • In multiple countries and languages
  • Cost-effective and easy to deploy, so you can focus on the strategy to grow your business
  • Turn key for your program to start and up running quickly
  • Excellent customer service support so your clients find the experience pleasant


Gift Cards

Gift Cards broaden the selection of awards. With Gift Cards, your audience has limitless choices to shop for product and services from the most popular retailers in their neighborhoods.

Gift Cards comes in two forms:

  • E-Cards – instant delivery to your customers accounts, easy tracking
  • Physical Cards – mailed with options to customize greetings


Display Our Catalogs to Your Sites: 

  • Rewards6 platform enables you to place orders for rewards via API. We also offer a flat-file/Excel integration option over SFTP.
  • Access our catalog, gift cards, prepaid cards, charity options and more for the countries you are having a program! Rewards options are customized to accommodate different regions, languages, and currencies.
  • Explore a large variety of rewards options, descriptions, images and other properties. Your participants sees price tags in “points” required for desired items,