Google Play Gift Card IDR 1,000,000

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<p>Gift Cards are electronic and will be emailed.<br /><br /></p>

<p>Google Play Gift Card ID only valid for IP address account register in INDONESIA, set your default language to INDONESIA, and product currency note is IDR(Rp)</p>

<p><br />Google account registration, Google game account/application registration, and IP ADDRESS of redemption MUST be done in the Indonesia.</p>

<p><br />Due to the region lock and strict policy, Google will detect account registration, account setting, game account/application, and the IP address during the redemption.</p>

<p><br />Google will prompt an error message to the user if the code redemption is done outside of the Indonesia region.</p>

<p><br />Users are unable to purchase any in-game item even though the redemption is successful if the game account registration is done outside of the Indonesia region.</p>

<p><br /><strong>How to Redeem Google Play Gift Card (ID)</strong></p>

<p><br />Using android mobile devices<br />Open Google Play Store app.<br />Touch the Menu icon on the top left corner.<br />Tap Redeem on the Menu.<br />Enter your code to redeem<br />Using web browser<br />Go to Google Redeem<br />Enter your code to redeem.</p>

<p>This card is electronic and is delivered via email 48-72 hours after redemption; Once purchased, can not be returned.</p>