Voucher Digital Alfamart (UVGC Digital) Rp. 1,000,000 - (Digunakan Di Alfamart)

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Product details of Alfamart Digital Voucher (UVGC Digital) Rp. 1,000,000 - (Used at Alfamart)

  • Please read BEFORE BUYING (Because Vouchers cannot be changed let alone refunded for any reason) This Digital Voucher is an Electronic / Digital Voucher which is ONLY VALID at Alfamart (Cannot be used at Alfagift, Alfamidi and Alfa Express)
  • CANNOT BE RETURNED/REFUNDED/CANCELED DUE TO AUTOMATIC DELIVERY BY THE SYSTEM. Vouchers will be sent to an email address. Ultra Voucher and Rwards6 IS NOT RESPONSIBLE if the Voucher is not sent due to the inactive Email


Alfamart (UVGC Digital) is an official digital voucher issued by Ultra Voucher. This digital voucher can be used to make transactions at Alfamart outlets directly.


Terms and conditions

  1. Vouchers will be worth the nominal value purchased
  2. Can be used to shop at Alfamart outlets (cannot be used at Alfagift, Alfamidi and Alfa Express)
  3. The validity period is shown on the voucher page
  4. Vouchers that have expired cannot be used or extended
  5. Ultra Voucher is not responsible for any form of loss/transfer of this voucher
  6. Any form of misuse of this voucher will be subject to sanctions in accordance with applicable law

How to Use Alfamart (UVGC Digital) at POS Alfamart:

  1. After the cashier inputs the products the customer wants to buy, and displays the purchase details, click the voucher button for a moment when you want to scan the voucher.
  2. Click the External button
  3. Fill in and complete the following sections
    1. Complete the voucher code column by entering the number 111
    2. The Ultra Voucher name will automatically be filled in
    3. SCAN the voucher BARCODE on the scanner, then No. Voucher is automatically filled
    4. After scanning the voucher, enter the value of the voucher used
  4. Continue processing the voucher that has been input
  5. Successfully used the voucher
  6. Make sure the total shopping exceeds or equals the voucher value. Customers are required to pay the remaining total purchases that exceed the voucher value.
  7. If the payment is successful, the return value will appear